Snapchat, a unique social media app, allows a user to take pictures and videos which are sent to Snapchat friends. The images are available for viewing for about 10 seconds before they’re gone forever. Some argue that Snapchat images demand more concentration.

The “Speed Filter” is a feature of the app that records the speed that the user is driving at the time that she takes a photo. Critics assert the “speed filter” poses the greatest danger to drivers not only for the distraction but also the potential for speeding, thus increasing the risks of a serious motor vehicle accident on our roadways.

Other features of Snapchat that cause concerns for drivers include the Stories auto advance feature, which can cause a driver to be distracted for up to a minute, attempting to capture a “perfect moment” of just a few seconds over and over again, and the face-timing feature’s requirement that you look at the phone while driving.

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