Darrell Allen was working at an oil refinery operated by Calumet Specialty Products Partners in Shreveport, Louisiana when he was covered and surrounded by liquid asphalt, causing him to suffer third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body. Mr. Allen was treated at LSU – Shreveport. His doctor, who has thirty years experience treating burn victims, had never seen a person burned as badly as Mr. Allen survive.

The lawsuit alleges negligence against the refinery, including an alleged failure to clean water from the hose being used in the transfer of the hot asphalt to a tanker truck. According to the lawsuit, when the asphalt and the water came into contact, “the liquid hot asphalt vaporized the water which acted as a source of ignition to cause the asphalt to expand and explode out of the top of the tanker.”

According to Calumet’s statement regarding Allen’s injuries, the company is coordinating with its insurance company to address Allen’s demands, and they’ve implemented additional safety precautions at the Shreveport refinery.

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