A jury in Ohio federal court was the second jury in a series of specially chosen cases for trial, referred to as a bellwether trial, to consider a claim that DuPont’s chemical dumping caused a man to develop testicular cancer.  The jury determined DuPont was liable for actual malice, requiring the jury to return to deliberations to determine the punitive damages to be awarded.

The plaintiffs in some 3,500 lawsuits filed against DuPont assert that a chemical it once produced called C-8 was linked to certain cancers.  The chemical was used in Teflon and in Stain Master carpet fibers.  The jury found that DuPont’s plant had intentionally dumped its C-8 into the Ohio River, which affected the drinking water supplies of some from West Virginia and Ohio.

Experts who studied the chemical concluded that C-8 was “more likely than not” to cause such conditions as ulcerative colitis, kidney cancer, thyroid disease and testicular cancer.

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