When it comes to personal injury, many individuals seem to overlook the harms that can occur from boating accidents. Recent events from the Fourth of July weekend shed light on the serious nature of these accidents.

Fourth of July weekend brings more boaters to the waters than any other weekend. Game Wardens investigated 34 accidents throughout Texas this weekend alone. These accidents range in cause. All lake goers should be caution when around boats.

One example of a recent boating accident occurred as the result of a reckless boater who ran over a lady swimming to the dock from another boat. She is now in critical condition after being struck by the boat’s propellers. The reckless boater did not stop to check on her. This incident is under a full investigation. Other accidents occurred as a result of higher lake waters due to heavy precipitation Texas received throughout the spring, causing an increase in natural hazards.

So far, Texas has had 13 boating fatalities in 2016. Annually, there has been an average of 30 boating fatalities over the last five years. If you or a loved one have suffered any injuries from boating accidents, please contact us for more information regarding your rights.

For more information about the accidents over the holiday weekend, please click here.

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