As drivers, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects our smartphones have on our ability to concentrate on our roadways. In addition to texting or reading e-mails, we are now seeing increased concerns with the use of smartphone apps.

Critics site a new app from an old character known as Pokémon Go as a new form of distracted driving. The game, made by Niantic and the Pokemon Company, was released late on July 6, and allows players to capture Pokemon in real-world locations. The app makes the little monsters appear on your smartphone screen, through the camera, as you walk through your neighborhood — making it seem as if they are right in front of you.

One article has already found a number of drivers with photos of Pokémon Go monsters posted to their twitter accounts. See photos here. For more on other falling incidents involving the game, click here.

As with all smartphone usage, don’t Pokémon Go and drive!

Published by Marc Mayfield

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