Houston Travelers May be Exposed to Some of the Worst Drivers in the State of Texas

A recent study reveals that Houston travelers may be exposed to some of the worst drivers in the State of Texas. This opinion stems from data collected on the number of accidents per intersection within the State. According to the data, 28 of the top 50 most dangerous intersections were located in Houston, Texas.

The reason for the increase in dangerous intersections in Houston is unknown. Some speculate that it is due to the rapid rise in population. Others believe that the removal of red light cameras has helped spike the statistics. Since their removal, Houston has led the nation in drivers running red lights.

San Antonio, Lubbock, and Fort Worth also have dangerous intersections within the top 50 in Texas. Some may argue that its not the intersections causing the accidents, but rather the drivers themselves who most commonly travel these areas. Regardless, it would be wise to be aware of the dangerous locations and exercise a little more caution while driving on these roads.

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CDC Suggests Driving Restrictions for US Teens Should be Active Before Midnight

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one-third of deadly vehicle accidents happen during the night, with 57% of them happening before midnight. In fact, 31% of those deadly motor vehicle accidents involved 16-17 year old kids.

These statics have Federal Officials recommending stricter nighttime driving restrictions for teens. Critics believe the statistics are thought to be stemmed from teens’ lack of experience driving at night, combined with risky behavior such as drunk driving or speeding.

Tougher driving restrictions are already in place for 49 states. Unfortunately, 23 of the states choose only to enforce them after midnight. With 57% of accidents happening before midnight, it may be wise to enforce those restrictions a little earlier. These statistics are only for fatal vehicle accidents. Furthering these restrictions could potentially reduce the risk of personal injury statistics as well.