Texas Now Only State That Has Opt Out For Workers Compensation

In September, the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down part of their Workers’ Compensation Law, in that they no longer will have an “Opt-Out” Provision. This leaves Texas as the only State to continue with an Opt-Out Provision.

Major companies like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Costco have opted out of the Texas system with the help of attorney Bill Minick, president of the Dallas-based consulting firm PartnerSource. He helped launch the campaign to change the way companies take care of injured workers by establishing their own plans for covering medical costs. The private plans have been criticized for offering lower benefits and giving the companies inordinate control over health care decisions.

Texas has more than 1.4 million Texans covered in non-subscriber alternative plans. It isn’t likely that Oklahoma’s ruling will change the way Texas employers provide benefits for their workers.

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