Upshur County is suing prescription painkiller manufacturers and distributors in federal court, accusing them of fueling an opioid addiction epidemic that has affected communities across the country.  Upshur County’s lawsuit in federal court comes as Attorney General Ken Paxton has inserted Texas into a 41-state investigation of companies that manufacture or sell opioids.

In its lawsuit, Upshur County alleges it “has spent and continues to spend large sums combatting the public health crisis created by Defendants’ negligent and fraudulent marketing campaign,” and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.
“There is no denying that we have an opioid crisis in America, and that the human misery and financial damage it causes is enormous,” said Jeffrey Simon, co-founder of Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, who is representing Upshur County in the suit.

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Published by Marc Mayfield

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