More than 100 cities in the US now have businesses operating some form of scooter transportation to pedestrians. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Austin Public Health, and Austin Transportation Department are currently working together to investigate electric scooter safety. This comes after an increase in electric scooter injuries.

Currently, the data shows that 98 percent of injuries arose from riders choosing to forgo wearing a helmet. Another 48 percent were under the influence of alcohol. Another set of research conducted from emergency room medical records revealed that head injuries and fractures were the most common injuries from scooter related accidents. Surprisingly, the data does not reflect an involvement of other vehicles or any specific time of day as one might initially think. The majority of these accidents occurred due to falls. One emergency room doctor called the scooters disruptive technology.

With the current rise in scooter sharing in urban centers; The rise in injuries sustained by the riders; we should all be reminded of the simple safety precautions one needs to take when operating any form of transportation. Nostalgia or not our own safety and injury prevention is crucial for a happy experience.

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