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Texas Personal Injury and Estate Planning Attorney Marc Mayfield |
Texas Personal Injury and Estate Planning Attorney Marc Mayfield |

The 100 deadliest driving days for teens in the United States is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. On average 10 deaths occur everyday involving a teen driver, or about 1000 deaths during the summer months. This is attributed to the increase in joy rides with friends, lack of having a destination to drive to, and more distractions as friends drive around together.

Here are a few tips for drivers during the deadliest driving days:

Keep distracting devices out of arms reach while driving

Keep a safe distance between you and the driver ahead of you

Keep a look out for drivers around you

Here are a few tips for parents during the deadliest driving days:

Give teens more time behind the wheel while supervised. Let them drive you to the store or the post office.

Learn your states passenger restrictions for teen drivers, teach your teen, and enforce them yourself

Teach your teens the importance of paying attention to the road even when they are passengers in another vehicle

Texas Teen Passenger restrictions:

Age 15: Learner License – teens may only drive with a licensed driver age 21 or older supervising and sitting in the passenger seat. They must complete at least 30 hours before being allowed a provisional license.

Age 16: Provisional License – Teens with a provisional license can drive alone. They can have no more than one person under the age of 21 who is not a family member. They can only drive between 5am and midnight, when accompanied by a parent or guardian unless driving to work and/or school. Teens under the age of 18 are not allowed to use any electronic devices. They must also obey any other State or federal law that applies to them.

Age 18: At the age of 18 teens who have completed the provisional license phase are eligible for an unrestricted license.

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Paying attention to your teens driving behavior with adults and with other teens, and educating them is the best possible way to prevent an automobile accident. Make sure your teen(s) are aware of the distractions that can occur when an adult is not present. Studies show that the fatality rate increased by 51% when a vehicle only had teen passengers. Some of these automobile accidents can be prevented with a little more attention from drivers and passengers alike.

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