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 Texas Personal Injury and Estate Planning Attorney Marc Mayfield |
Texas Personal Injury and Estate Planning Attorney Marc Mayfield |

Why are more people getting killed while walking?

Pedestrian fatalities are on the Rise. An estimated 35 percent increase in the past decade. It is believed to be increasing due to the increase in the economy. More people are moving to Urban areas to reap the benefits of the economy. Experts are also attributing some of the increase is due to distracted drivers, larger vehicles, and more people walking to and from places of interest. Distracted drivers include people listening to music, using a navigation system, looking their phones, eating, and many more activities that aren’t simply watching the road.

Pedestrian Fatalities in Texas

Texas ranks eighth on the top 20 most dangerous metro areas for walking in the United States. Over 600 people died last year in Texas while walking. The projections for the next couple years are expected to increase. It is expected to increase by 635 pedestrian fatalities in 2020, 657 by 2021, and 680 pedestrian deaths by 2022.

What is being done

The Texas Department of Transportation is dedicating $600 million for roadway safety improvements. These improvements include wider roads, addition of more rumble strips, Add and reinforce shoulders, add turning lanes, and implement technology improvements. Hopefully, these improvements will help to decrease the number of people who are struct by a moving a vehicle. There are also many advocacy groups out there helping to promote better roadways, such as Dangerous by Design.

What can we do to prevent pedestrian fatalities?

As citizens we can be more aware of our surroundings. If you’re driving, pay attention to the road, look out for pedestrians, put your devices away unless parked. If you’re a pedestrian, look out for cars, put your devices away until standing still, and look both ways before crossing a street (even if you have the right of way). Just be aware and look out for one another. To read more follow this link.

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