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Asleep at the Wheel

The trucking industry has always had drivers who work reckless amounts of overtime. But the USA TODAY Network investigation shows for the first time that fatigued truckers are a near-constant threat on the roads around America’s busiest ports. For more information, click here

Shell Games and Loopholes at Center of Investigation into Unpaid Truck Drivers

A year-long USA TODAY Network investigation found that some port trucking companies have successfully used legal loopholes, shell companies and bankruptcy protection to dodge the punishment labor court judges have handed down. It’s the latest revelation in an ongoing investigation into how port trucking…

18 Wheelers Tailgating Each Other – And It’s Safer?

New technology installed with the intent to make trucks safer is sweeping the industry. Such techniques include using radar, cameras and reflective light scanning. By next year, much of it may be combined to put pairs of trucks on the road at a distance…