In Texas, employers can choose to carry Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage for on-the-job injuries, or they can choose to opt out of the coverage. The employer’s choice to “opt out” is also known as a “non-subscriber”. A non-subscriber employee will have a different path to benefits than an employee with workers compensation insurance coverage. Please follow the links below for more information regarding the area specific to your needs.

The oilfield, manufacturing, and construction industries are alive and well in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, injuries in this sector exceed those of most other job classifications. Many serious personal injuries happen because of difficult working conditions, highly explosive and flammable materials, high pressure uncontrolled movement of equipment and trucking accidents. Failed safety policies, poor planning, lack of adherence to OSHA and Texas Railroad Commission regulations, deficient equipment, and under trained or unsupervised employees enhance the danger already present in these industries.

Usually, these types of on-the-job injuries have an injured worker fighting against a large corporation. If you have been injured in one of these sectors, then you need an attorney that has experience in both Personal Injury Law and Workers Compensation Law. Mr. Mayfield has experience in both areas. The complex relationship between the parties involved can frustrate the ability of injured workers to receive compensation for their injuries. Mayfield Law Office can help you make decisions to maximize your recovery.

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