Oilfield Accidents

Since 1930, East Texans have enjoyed the benefit of significant and sustained exploration and development of our underground resources, including oil and natural gas.  We all benefit from the safe production of these valuable commodities through jobs, increased property values, and substantial tax revenue supporting our schools and municipalities.  Technology has opened up new productive fields for discovery, at greater depths and higher pressure.

Despite all efforts, injuries unfortunately still occur.  Many serious personal injuries happen because of difficult working conditions, highly explosive and flammable materials, high pressure, uncontrolled movement of equipment and trucking accidents.  Failed safety policies, such as inadequate Job Safety Analysis (JSA), poor planning, lack of adherence to OSHA and Texas Railroad Commission regulations, deficient equipment, and under trained or unsupervised employees enhance the danger already present in this industry.

Mayfield Law Office continues to offer representation for roughnecks, stabbers, operators, drillers, drivers, casing crew members, pipe-fitters, welders, and many other oil field workers.  The complex relationship between the parties involved frustrate the ability of injured workers to receive compensation for their injuries.  Consequently, you need an attorney, such as Marc Mayfield that understands the operations of oil and gas drilling, exploration and recovery.  You also need an attorney that has knowledge in both workers’ compensation and personal injury trial law to fully analyze your case. Mayfield Law Office can help you make decisions to maximize your recovery for your catastrophic oil field injury.

If you have been injured in the oil field, contact us to request a free consultation and analysis of your case.