Personal Injury in Texas

Personal Injury Areas of Practice

At Mayfield Law Office, we understand that any personal injury may cause significant hardship on your physical, financial, and emotional health. We can help hold those accountable for their negligent conduct.

Texas Personal Injury Attorney Marc Mayfield, is dedicated to representing victims of personal injuries and helping the families who become caregivers. Whether you have an injury from an On-The-Job Injury, Automobile Accident or a Slip & Fall Injury, Mr. Mayfield can help you and your family. He is familiar with the methods used by defendant’s to avoid responsibility for their negligent acts through litigation strategies. He continues to litigate cases for injured victims throughout Texas.

Personal Injury Areas of Practice:

including all forms of bodily injury or wrongful death from defective/ hazardous equipment and products, electrical accidents, farm & ranch accidents, fires, nursing home accidents and\or neglect, toxic chemical exposure, swimming & watercraft accidents, falls, construction accidents and unsafe property.

If you believe you have been harmed due to negligence, either from a car wreck, on-the-job injury or elsewhere, Contact Mr. Mayfield today to discuss the facts surrounding your case. Time can be a deterrent in proving your case to a jury. The sooner you contact help from an attorney, the sooner your road to recovery can begin.

Need a Crash Report?

If you need to request or retain a copy of your accident report in the State of Texas. You can follow this link to the Online Crash Report System at the Texas Department of Transportation to obtain your records.

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