A trucking accident operates slightly different than an automobile accident. If the truck driver is at fault, then the case can become quite complicated. In an automobile accident, you can sue the driver of the accident only for the policy limits on the insurance policy. Usually, personal insurance policies have limits of $30,000.00 – $100,000.00. A trucking accident generally involves a commercial insurance policy that can be upwards of $1,000,000.00, making the negligence fight a tad more intense for both parties. Sometimes it may not even be the driver’s fault for the accident. Sometimes the responsible party for the negligence can be the truck’s owner and/or the manufacturer of the commercial vehicle.

Common Negligence in 18-Wheeler Accidents:

Failing to Obey Laws

Lack of Experience

Not Following DOT Rules and Regulations

Driving while Intoxicated

Fatigued Drivers


Failure to Maintain proper rig maintenance

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nearly 4000 people have died in one year due to 18-wheeler accidents. More than 110,000 were injured. It is a bit concerning to think that semi-trucks account for 3-4 percent of all vehicles on the road. However, they are involved in 12 percent of fatal accidents.

If you have been hurt in a trucking accident then you need to hire someone with experience in dealing with commercial insurance policies and their representatives. Mayfield Law Office has experience handling trucking accidents in both work related or non-work related fields.

We Can Help with your 18-Wheeler Accident

Attorney Marc Mayfield is familiar with state an federal safety laws put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which covers everything from medical requirements for commercial drivers to maintenance requirements to the number of hours an operator can operate before taking a break. Contact us to learn your rights if you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident.

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