Automobile accidents may be a minor intrusion on your life or create life-altering experience depending on the severity of your injuries. You may suffer significant lost wages or medical expenses due to the negligence of others. Understanding your rights in an accident will assist you in determining whether you need to pursue legal action on your claim.

What Should I Do After an Automobile Accident in Texas?

If you or a party involved has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, the first step would be to call 911. Do not attempt to move if unable.

Do NOT leave the scene of the accident. This is a crime in the State of Texas.

If Possible, pull your vehicle off of the road, in a manner that does not obstruct traffic. Once safely parked, check on the safety of others involved.

Exchange contact information with all other parties involved. If able, take photographs of the accident and jot down the contact information of any potential witnesses.

Obtain an accident report for your insurance company. If no authorities have been contacted you can reach your local TxDOT at (800) 558-9368. However, if 911 has been contacted then a peace officer will be on scene to write up a report. To obtain an already processed accident report go here to the Online Texas Crash Report System.

After the initial procedures you will then need to contact your insurance company to ensure proper handling of your vehicle. If you or a party in your vehicle were injured, it may become necessary contact a personal injury attorney, such as Mayfield Law Office.

*If you are injured, it is important to seek medical attention promptly after you automobile accident.

Many insurance companies apply standard guidelines to each claim they receive. Unfortunately, some may try to take advantage of your inexperience in the claims handling process. While you are trying to obtain appropriate medical care and secure the repair or replacement of your vehicle, insurance companies are investigating the cause of your accident, interviewing witnesses, researching your medical and work histories, including taking your recorded statement to help in the development to their insured’s defense of your claim. They are seeking to pay the least amount possible for your injuries. If you have suffered a serious injury on our roads, highways, and interstates, contact us. We are here to help.

Knowledge is power. Contact us for a comprehensive evaluation of your claim.