Dispute Resolution

Your claim can become complicated  when dealing with Workers’ Compensation Insurance carriers, especially when a dispute arises. In many instances, it can be helpful to retain an attorney to handle the dispute resolution process for you. Mayfield Law Office can help you handle all proceedings involved in the dispute resolution process such as a Benefit Review Conference (BRC), Contested Case Hearing (CCH), Arbitration, Appeals Panel hearings, and/ or Judicial Review.

  • Benefit Review Conference

A benefit Review Conference (BRC) is held in front of a Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation Benefit Review Officer. The insurance carrier and the injured party accompanied by his/her attorney (if you have one) will informally meet in front of the hearing officer at your local Division of Workers’ Compensation office to discuss any disputed issues.

  • Contested Case Hearing (CCH)

A Contested Case hearing will follow a BRC should a resolution not be made at the BRC. This will be a formal hearing in front of a Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation Contested Case Hearing Officer. The outcome of this will be mailed out as a Decision and Order.

  • Arbitration

Arbitration can be chosen as an alternate to a Contested Case Hearing if both parties agree to this.

  • Appeals Panel

Either party may choose to appeal the decision and order from the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation Contested Case Hearing Officer to the Appeals Panel.

  • Judicial Review

Should either party disagree with the Appeal Panel Decision, it would have the right to appeal to a Court at law for a new decision.